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Funeral homes have become inevitable service providers now a day.  When your beloved one leaves you alone for the eternal journey, it would be one of the hardest things happening in life. The eventuality is expected in everyone’s life, but no one would be able to face the situation in a challenging way!  We can feel the vacuum created by the moment and everything will stay shattered in front of us.  We become speechless and motionless!  We don’t what to do and how to perform the last journey for the deceased! The service offered by North Little Rock Funeral Home is always a great solace for people who live in and around North Little Rock.

The difference between funeral home and home funeral

These are somewhat different from each other. Funeral is a ceremony conducted by the bereaved family to honor, respect and remember the life of the deceased person.  In many occasion, it is being conducted strictly as per the cultural customs and beliefs of the family or society.  There will be prayers, rituals, and special services to honor the dead person.  The funeral service culture varies from culture to culture and religion to religion. In some communities’ funeral is conducted with great jubilation and grand gala style.

When a funeral function conducted at the home of the deceased is called home funeral.  This practice existed until the arrival of home which specializes in burial ceremonies.  During the funeral at home, washing the body, keeping the body out for viewing and paying last homage and then taken for the family burial ground.   The funeral function is conducting a private affair and most done with the help of family members who volunteer for the service.

In the United States, most of the states permit home funerals.  For the service, the family needs to procure the death certificate and an official permission to take out the body for burial.  In the US, the home funeral service was in existence until the Civil War.  During a home funeral service, neighbors have to be informed in advance to avoid unwanted misunderstandings.  The funeral director will be present during the service until the body is taken to the private home funeral.

AR Funeral Home:

Our home offers funeral service for the dead, and it is a great relief and convenience for the bereaved family. Unlike other services, all the required and essential service related to the funeral are taken care of by the our firm. All services are made available for departed soul including wake ceremony and chapel services.

Know about Wake service:

Wake service is part of funeral service offering by us. In the olden days, the wake service was conducted at the deceased person’s home where the body is present.  Today, many won’t be having the convenience to perform the wake service at the deceased person’s home.  As most of the people are living in apartments and flats, accommodating a vast number of people in an apartment or flats will create a lot of inconvenience to the family members as well as the neighbors. So the wake service is taken to the chapel, and it offers a lot of facilities, like car parking and resting places.  The time has changed a lot, and we are leaving behind our traditions to accommodate convenience.

Facilities at Funeral home in Arkansas:

Modern funeral homes in Arkansas offers wide facilities to accommodate the mood of the bereaved family.  Ample parking spaces, personal attention rest rooms are all provided.  Enough arrangement will be organized for a viewing ceremony. The funeral viewing service is also known as Calling Hours and alternatively known as Wake Service in USA and Canada. Large arrangements are normally organized by our chapel director to accommodate family and friends who come to pay their last homage to the deceased person.  The mortician takes care of embalming the body that will preserve the body from decaying.

The chapel will have special elevated dais to keep the body, where the visitors can have a good view of the body. Every aspect of the service will be controlling by the funeral service organizers. After the viewing service is over the body is taken to the real burial location.  In some cases, there will be functions to commemorate the achievements of the dead and this offer is considered as an occasion to pay respectful homage to the deceased person.  Considering the gravity of the situation the service offered by us are widely being accepted by the society.  First of all, individually it is will be a difficult situation to handle.  Second, there won’t be enough people who can take charge of the function, as the situation will be emotionally charged.

Today’s nuclear family life, one many come to know about the death of a relative only after getting a phone call. The social interaction is very poor.  People are very busy meet both ends of their life.  Both husband and wife are working to manage their life.  The service offered by our chapel in Arkansas makes the people accept the reality of death with a certain determination.  Just be present at the funeral venue.  Stay there till the last functions are over; pay your homage and the rest will be taken care of by us.

The funeral practice and rituals may have variation depending on the culture, society and location.  In some place, the Wake service will be considered as Viewing but both are almost the same.  Some minor changes in custom make the difference.  The service organizers are well versed about difficult cultures, custom of societies, and they can manage the funeral function without any misunderstanding.

Type of AR Funeral Home Services

As said earlier the funeral services are varying from society to society and religion to religion.  Even if people are from the same religion or society, some practice of differences will be there which are traditionally conducted.   Some sects consider having traditional rituals and practices to be carried out without any changes.  Especially, when the funeral function is always an emotionally charged affair, the organizers prefer to offer maximum accommodation matching to the traditional practices unless and otherwise if there are no further demands from the bereaved family.  Normally, the line of function will be practiced in consultation with the head of the family or immediate relative of the deceased.

The last wishes

There are cases where the deceased person would have placed some demands to be met before taking to the burial ground. Some may prefer to donate their organ.  If such demands or wishes are recorded, that will be arranged by the organizers with the help of qualified surgeons. Certificates related to the organ donation also will be procured by the funeral service providers.

The wishes of the deceased will be carried out by the organizer after collecting the official documents, will, dying declaration recorded by the competent authorities. Necessary paper works related to processing, including cremation process will be taken care of by our company. Services such as informing government authorities, collecting death certificates and obituary publication and remembrance service publication, etc., also will be taken care of by the funeral company.

There are occasions where a dead body needs to be cremated or buried without much delay.  These are such dead bodies that are very old and in decomposed state where there is no time between transferring the body from the mortuary to the burial ground.  In such cases, our firm takes care of the last ritual simultaneously and cremation or burial process.  The process will lead to a simple burial or cremation without having an elaborate view or wake service.  Only a professional funeral home service company can handle this kind of service within in the shortest possible time.  In such a situation, they will coordinate with the different department and collect all the papers and hand over to the bereaved family.

Open casket service at Arkansas Little Rock

During wake or viewing service, the body is kept open in presentable shape allowing the family members, friends and well-wishers to see the face of the deceased person clearly.  The dead body is done with embalming services to resist decomposing and with the permission of the next immediate kin some chemical treatment would be taken to preserve the body presentable.  Accident involved body with disfigured face and hands will be kept in a most presentable way by using restorative methods.  These are done with the consent of the family members in case the body is too bad to present then a closed casket service is carried out.

These services are considered as one of the finest services other than any other utility services, and the services are offering with dedication and discipline.

Many states in the USA legalized to have funeral homes

The importance of such a service is growing day by day as many states have legalized and promulgated to do funeral service at the chapel.  Seven states, Michigan, New York, Utah, Louisiana, Indiana, Nebraska and Connecticut have legalized to have such firms to do the funeral services.  The service provider’s service is required to do the death certification, to receive the body from the mortuary and transport body to the chapel. By law, it has been made mandatory that a such a company represent the bereaved family to prepare and collect all the government documents related to the deceased person.

However, the remaining forty-three states have not put forward any legal restrictions for home funeral services. But, in the case of home funeral services a funeral director or a mortuary director will be present at the home to overlook the proceedings and verify the identity of the deceased person.  They will record the reason of death and do the necessary documentation to help out the bereaved family.

As a normal practice, a death certificate is issued by the doctor who has last attended the deceased person.  The certificate will carry out the reason for death and identity details of the dead person.  The practice of mortuary or funeral director service is taken by family members who want to have a traditional way of the funeral process.

How reliable is North Little Rock Funeral Home

Mishandling happens with all service operators. There are horrifying stories you might have read through the media, being misplaced dead bodies or wrongly buried dead bodies, etc.  But our company has been known for their impeccable funeral service.  Every element related to service and identification of the body is done with utmost care, and the service is offered without any flaws.   Dignified funeral services are offering by the us at an affordable rate.  Their services are worth for the value of money spending for the service.  You probably won’t be in a mood to negotiate the service charges, but you can have a comfortable and meaningful service from this funeral service organization.

You will have the option to manage the funeral service at with our company.  However, given the emotionally charged situation it is advised to seek full service rather than running after each and every vital paper works.  And you dedicate your precious time meet the family members, receive and share their fond memories.

Managing unexpected issues

There are chances to have unexpected issued that one never know.  There are cases a funeral director has to be present throughout the process of the funeral services.  Especially, when the rituals and traditional customs are long and time consuming, the funeral director must be present, and will be charged for the time he has been dedicating for the service.  This kind of unexpected service charge has to be accommodated, as it is inevitable.

Facilities offers by AR

Many facilities are being offered by our firm.  Depending on the service facilities the funeral charges will vary.  The company can also offer chapel service if required.  The preference is depending on the relatives or next kin of the deceased.   There will be visiting rooms and arrangements to pay homage to deceased in total privacy.

Embalming is a most widely used and offered facility. This service is optional and required if the body is taken for open casket viewing.  People generally prefer for open casket viewing to get an emotional connect.

Pre-funeral service discussion facilities are also offering at Arkansas. During the discussion the deceased person family can discuss and finalize the kind of services are required for this type of service.